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Reiki is an ancient healing technique

Reiki re-emerged in the late 18th Century via an inspired and dedicated healer, Dr Usui. Reiki brings through Universal Energy to stimulate your body’s natural capacity to heal on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is recommended for:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and tension
  • Prior to operations to assist the healing process
  • Promoting recovery post accidents, traumas or operations
  • Chronic or acute health issues
  • Pregnancy and post-natal
  • New-borns to assist in releasing any birth traumas
  • Emotional issues such as depression, anxiety or dealing with addictions
  • Muscular tension or injury
  • Folk of all ages

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment, it is performed on a massage table or just sitting in a chair  (Distance Reiki healing can also be sent by a practitioner).

The client remains fully clothed during a treatment and can be done by either laying the hands on the client or slightly off. The Reiki Practitioner lays their hands in various positions beginning at your head then moving down your body, moving the energy and releasing blockages down towards your feet.

During a treatment, the body deeply relaxes and many clients fall asleep. Many clients report that during the treatment a warm tingling sensation is felt throughout the body, but each Reiki treatment is unique.

Reiki builds up over time, generating a more permanent state of balance and longer lasting results. For this reason I recommend a series of at least four, preferably six Reiki treatments followed by monthly sessions after that to maintain that state of balance.

Healing does not take the place of conventional medicine but is complimentary to it.

You should always seek medical advice if you have any health concerns. A Reiki practitioner does not diagnose conditions or offer medical advice. All medical treatments should be continued unless you’re GP or other appropriate medical professional suggests otherwise.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact Christine.

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Spinal Touch Therapy (Core Postural Alignment)

It is a simple yet powerful technique for re-aligning the body’s centre of gravity, thus relieving pain and discomfort, and improving mobility.

Re-alignment is done solely through a unique muscle relaxation technique without any manipulation.

It is also an effective light touch technique which contacts the energy systems of the body, the effect of this is to allow the body to re-align with its centre of gravity at the sacrum. This means it can help many conditions, particularly back pain, neck pain, headaches and knee problems.

At last a very GENTLE therapy, with NO manipulation or force used, which means NO crunching or twisting! In fact, Spinal Touch Therapy is so gentle that it is safe to use on children, the elderly and pregnant women. Spinal Touch Therapy improves posture and good posture is the key to good health. You will be amazed at how gentle, yet powerful this therapy is!!

Where did Spinal Touch Therapy come from?

It was developed by an American Engineer and Chiropractor, John Hurley in the early 1900s.

Noticing the effects of gravity on his buildings he turned his attention to the human body, noticing that pain and sickness was often accompanied by distortion of posture, hunched shoulders, head and neck forward,chest caved in, etc.

Being a man very much ahead of his time and with his knowledge of acupuncture and other energy systems, he devised SPINAL TOUCH THERAPY– originally called Aquarian Age Healing – and worked very successfully, often with astounding results, on many grateful patients.

Spinal Touch Therapy has been practiced in the USA since the 1920s and in the UK since the 1980s. Now AVAILABLE in New Zealand!

What does it do?

The intention of the treatment is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field, therefore reducing pain and discomfort. This can sometimes be felt by the patient as sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation to the point of going to sleep.

What happens when I go for a treatment?

If you would like to make an appointment or if you require further information please contact Christine.

My practice is home based in Kirwee, Selwyn District, Canterbury. The practice is in a peaceful rural setting with views of the Southern Alps.

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Christine has me moving freely with her Spinal Touch

‘… when no other health professionals could help. Christine has been amazing – treating my back problems.
Thank you so much for all your help!’

Nicola | Rolleston