Hi, my name is Christine Blandford and I am a fully qualified Naturopath and professional clinical Reflexologist, specialising in Women’s Health, particularly women going through transition (Menopause) with sleep disturbances such as hot flushes, night sweats etc. Reflexology is a pathway I use to restore balance and to help bring about restful sleep. I use advanced Reflexology techniques to customise each session to suit your needs. While bringing together natural proven products to support your sleep and better health. 

I am the only sleep specialist that uses Reflexology as a treatment for Insomnia. 

Here are some Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep or learn more about Health Conditions that Affect Sleep.

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Meet Christine Blandford | Naturopathic Sleep Specialist and Reflexologist


Christine has been a Naturopathic Sleep Specialist and Reflexologist including Pregnancy Reflexology since 2006. The benefits of Reflexology are endless and are especially beneficial to aid sleep, stress and anxiety.

Christine comes from a healthcare background, having trained as a Registered Nurse and holding positions of Care Manager and Care Co-ordinator.

Christine has a diploma in Naturopathy and has a level 5 diploma in Reflexology. She is qualified in Auricular Therapy (Ear Reflexology). She is New Zealand’s ONLY Core Postural Alignment Therapist. She is a professional member of Reflexology NZ and an overseas professional  member of the Association of Reflexologists (UK). Continuous Professional Development is important and she regularly completes courses to keep her skills up to date.

Mission – Committed to providing the highest quality and proven, often unique natural sleep support products and services that make a real difference to a person’s health and well-being. While striving to be environmentally responsible and reducing the carbon footprint through sourcing local New Zealand products where possible.

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Christine of Sleep Support Naturally


Natural Health Consultant & Practitioner

Kia ora,

Many people struggle with sleep from acute Insomnia, such as stress or anxiety. To chronic Insomnia, that impact overall health and well-being. Sleep is the body’s way of repairing itself, if it can’t shut down to repair, the body starts to feel the strain and this is when some conditions can appear purely because of sleep deprivation.

I offer you the chance to relax and restore balance in your life. Come and experience the difference, from stress relief to pain management for specific conditions.

My youngest child is a teenager who has Down syndrome and is on the autism spectrum. Sleep does not come easy to him, especially as he gets older.

I empathise and know the challenges involved when we are sleep deprived.

Vision – To be New Zealand’s leading and most trusted provider of natural sleep support products and services.

What Clients Say

Having read an article regarding Reflexology in a local newspaper. l decided to give it a go.

I have been a poor sleeper for many years, having tried many tablets from the doctor. So I tried Reflexology and what a change it has made to me.

I sleep well every night and feel so much better overall. I recommend Christine to anybody, Reflexology has made such a difference.

Nola| Darfield

We have a 7 year old disabled boy with a CP type condition.

We have been using Cherryvite for the past year and have found that our son now has much improved prolonged and settled periods of overnight sleep

Phil | Christchurch